BlueCom™ Adapter for IOS & Android DNRS

9021 DNRS

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BlueCom Adapter for IOS & Android now!


  • Wireless Bluetooth connection to the PowerBox device
  • Updates and set-up work carried out very simply using your mobile phone or tablet
  • Free App for Apple and Android devices
  • The automatic online update function

Product description

The BlueCom™ adapter provides a means of setting up PowerBox products wirelessly, and of updating the software to the latest version. To use the adapter all you have to do is simply and conveniently download the corresponding App for your Mobile phone or tablet from Google Play or the Apple Appstore - at no charge! Once you have installed the App on your mobile telephone or tablet, you can plug the BlueCom™ adapter into a PowerBox device. You are then in a position to load the latest update or alter settings. For example, the BlueCom™ adapter enables you to adjust all the various settings available on the iGyro3e* and iGyro1e*onveniently from your mobile phone.

BlueCom has been recorded in the Register of European Union trademarks (No. 015154917).

This one unit now works with both IOS and Android!


* Support is already provided for setting up a number of PowerBox products, while the Update function is implemented for all devices. A list of supported products can be found in our Support Forum.

**Compatible devices: iPhone 4s and later, iPad (3rd Generation and later, iPad mini, iPad Air), iPod touch (5th Generation).