18mm DUAL Navigation + Strobe Light, 12Wx2, L+R Set


$ 45.00

The large DUAL18mm in the ECONOMY version are suitable for surface models from 2m span.

Navigation light and powerful flashing light in a common housing for the cost-effective implementation of standard lighting systems.

Enclosed heat sinks for self-assembly.

The profile-shaped polycarbonate cap is highly transparent and break-proof.

Perfect for getting started with model lighting, for simple wooden models or foams.

This set includes a right position light in GREEN and a left position light in RED.

Lights of the ECOMOY series are generally characterized by adequate performance data and a very good price-performance ratio.

The construction is simpler and you have to partially do it yourself.

They are only offered in a package.

Although they are still significantly more powerful than the lights of other low-cost providers, they are the small siblings of the PRO series with reduced power / cooling, without directional structure, temperature fuse, LED cluster and only suitable for 2S operation.Electric: 3Wx2 RED / GREEN and 9.5Wx2 WHITE Reference Power, 8 (12) V Beam angle:> 160 ° Luminous intensity: ~ 80 lumens RED, 0.25A Light intensity: ~ 125 lumens GREEN, 0.25A Light intensity: ~ 680 lumens WHITE, 0.8A Dimensions mounting pin, 6x30x15mm Dimension light cap: 18x48x14mm Overall dimensions: 18x48x27mm Weight: 9g (without cable)  With 1m silicone cable and pre-assembled resistor for 2S operation and resistor for 3S included, but urgently recommended is a 2S LiPo supply.