About Us


AeroPanda LLC. was started in 2014 as a project but it wasn't until 2016 that the e-commerce began to work out.  Our goal is, of course, to make a business but more importantly, it is to help customers to enjoy the hobby, that's what we are passionate about, because this makes sense to us only if we have fun and love to do it.

At AeroPanda we believe helping you find the perfect aero model and making sure you enjoy your hobby is what our business is about.

Business Philosophy

Under-promise and over-deliver. A phrase that could not be more true in life and of our approach to business. With years of experience and being the enthusiasts ourselves, we knew to make someone happy, you had to do three things right:

  • If you show them a product is available, make sure it really is.
  • We are human, we change our minds, we make mistakes so be compassionate and make returns easy.
  • And lastly, make sure you know what you're talking about, so if there are product questions, be honest and be knowledgeable.

With our core values in mind, we bring you what we believe is one of the best shopping experiences online. Anyone can write they are the best, but not many can actually show it.

Who we are

From our hobby, we create the best that you can have... a wonderful friendship, now we work in a place that we can share with all...