IL155 V4 inline engine 2 cylinder


KOLM ENGINE IL155 V4 inline engine 2 cylinder

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Product information "IL155 V4 inline engine 2 cylinders"

The IL155-V4 engine has proved its worth as an extremely reliable drive unit for warbird models with a take-off weight of up to 25kg. It is also available with a 270° or 180° crankshaft. All versions of IL155 can be equipped with an electric starter. Short and long editions offer many installation options, including extending the crankshaft. For popular models, we offer installation kits that include CNC-milled frames and a 3D-printed shroud. The 270° version can also be supplied with counter-clockwise rotation.


Electric starter
Available with clockwise or counter-clockwise rotation.
Crankshaft with 180° offset as an option; 270° as standard

Technical specifications:

Displacement: 155cm3
Cylinder bore: 47
Stroke: 44 mm
Weight: approx. 5470g
Weight with ignition system: approx. 5652g
Weight with the onboard starter: approx. 5760g
Weight with the ignition system and on-board starter: approx. 5942g
RPM range: 850-5500 depending on the propeller
Fuel mixture: 1:50


1x Engine IL150 V4

1x Ignition

1x Batterie counter cable for ignition

1x Prop Mounting kit 3

 1x Hub plate TK34

 1x Central screw L=60mm

 6x M5x50mm

 6x M5x55mm

3x Exhaust pipe soldered

1x Gold contact sockets (only for engines with starter)

Additional Mounting gear for CARF Model