M-460-FT 6 cylinder boxer engine


KOLM ENGINE M-460-FT 6 cylinders boxer engine

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Product information "M-460-FT 6- Cylinders Boxer Engine"

The M-460-FT engine is the largest 4-stroke, 6-cylinder flat engine on the market. It is suitable for models with a take-off weight of up to 60kg and can be used for simple scale models through towing airplanes to aerobatic models. It is based on the tried and tested modular design, and creates an absolute highlight in the area of model airplanes. The electric starter, which is available as an accessory, makes start-up a piece of cake and is a must for every scale fan.



Technical specifications:

Displacement: 460cm3
Cylinder bore: 47 mm
Stroke: 44 mm
Weight: approx. 11300g
Weight with ignition system: approx. 12200g
RPM range: 650-4500 depending on the propeller
Fuel mixture: 1:50