1st Buffer-Pack Unit 3X50F V4.81


$ 60.00

1st Buffer-Pack Unit 3X50F V4.81

1st BUFFER V4.81, 3x50F, 0,5 mm² JR Kabel, for Helis 600-800

32 bit, 48MHz MCU control of the buffer unit
Adaptive charging
current sensor
External alarm output *
With RC switch-off

Backup battery for electric helicopters for a safe emergency landing
Current peak buffers for remote-controlled models (airplanes, helicopters, etc.)
Effective buffering of servo return currents
Fully automatic setup **

Maximum ratings:
Maximum voltage (INPUT) 10V
Maximum buffer voltage (OUTPUT fully charged) 8.5V
Short-term peak current 25 amps

Technical specifications:
Width: 19 mm
Length: 56 mm
Height: 49 mm
Weight: approx. 46 g
CAPs: 3 x 50 F
Cable length: 18 cm
Plug: Graupner / JR UNI
Input voltage: 5.6 V to 10 V

* optionally available in a later software version
** The switch-off voltage is currently NOT adjusted automatically and is preset to 3.4 volts

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