Huracan Sport Jet 3M Standard Scheme


$ 5,920.00

Huracan Sport Jet 3M  Standard Scheme

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With its sleek and modern design, the Huracan is an example of true craftsmanship. It comes fully painted with a tailpipe, tank, and smoke tank, as well as covers for the wings, elevator, and rudder.

Now available for a small additional price, with the high-end core material, resulting in a much lighter airframe (about 2.8 kilos).

All horns are installed, the canopy adjusted, and the gear doors are installed. 

The manufacturer offers customized paint schemes for an additional fee. Please consult us for pricing.

  • Weight: 20kg without fuel
  • Length: 3.009m
  • Wingspan: 2.671m
  • Nose to Tailpipe: 2.805m

Airframe Made With Lightweight Core Material —  add $185.00 USD (add to the cart by clicking HERE)

Recommend Retracts: Huracan Electron Retract Set (Shipping Included) — starts at $1175.00 USD (contact us for details)

Electron Retracts Huracan

The Huracan is designed to install directly Electron Retracts. Heavy-duty fully grass capable, this set includes the following:

  • 2 x ER-50eVo main retracts (Classic or NG)
  • 1 x ER-50eVo nose retract with Servo plate steering (Classic or NG)
  • 2 x Main electron struts
  • 1 x Nose electron strut
  • 2 x Main wheels with electromagnetic brakes (Electron system)
  • 1 x Nosewheel
  • 1 x GS200 Controller (Classic or PRO)

      Unboxing and review from Jonathan Vogt from the Lighter Side Of RC


      Assembly Details:

      • CG is in front of the wing tube
      • 2.5mm down trim for straight and level flight
      • Ail 12mm up 15mm down
      • Elev. 13mm up 15 down 
      • Flaps 38mm take-off  100mm landing
      • Elevator down trim with flaps 6.5mm at full flaps
      • Rudder 27mm
      • Crow 15 to 20% — it's on the radio

      Standard Scheme available: Navy, Ferrari, Penzoil, Fly Navy — Included in the purchase price 

      Custom Scheme: Demo, Honda, Swiss, Ducati, Alpine, Maclaren, Hornet, Alpha Romeo, Gulf, Lamborghini GT3 – Starting at $399 USD

      Personalized Custom Paint Scheme is available by the manufacturer this charge relates only to the setup fee charged for painting a unique design, please contact us for pricing and more details.

      We recommend the following TURBINE ENGINE to pair with this fantastic model:



       Some of the Customs designs examples:


      Please contact us for further details.