Moisture-Seal Heat-Shrink Tubing


$ 1.65

Moisture-Seal Heat-Shrink Tubing

Sold by Foot (ID Before Shrink)

Create a water-resistant seal—this tubing has an adhesive lining that melts when the tubing is heated and bonds to the underlying surface. Choose tubing with a larger shrink ratio to cover irregularly shaped objects or cable assemblies that have a large size difference between the cable and connector.

Use flexible tubing in applications where wire and cable need to bend around curves and corners. Semi-rigid tubing bends only slightly.

AMS/MIL-DTL-23053/4 Class 1 tubing meets requirements for material quality and color.

Dielectric strength is the maximum voltage a material can handle before it starts to breakdown. The higher the dielectric strength of a material, the better it is for preventing electricity, heat, or signal from dissipating from wire and cable.

2:1 Shrink Ratio
  • Material: Polyolefin Plastic
  • Dielectric Strength: 400 V/mil
  • Shrink Temperature: 250° F
  • Temperature Range: -65° to 230° F
  • UL Recognized