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    The revolutionary electronic stabilization system for flybarless (FBL) RC helicopters

    3DIGI is ready to use and supports a wide range of interfaces. Connection for setup and tuning can be direct to a computer via a Micro-USB cable (user-supplied) or an Android device (using an optional external module) via Bluetooth.


    •  Advanced 6 Axis MEMS sensor (Gyro and Acceleration)
    • Powerful 32bit ARM Microcontrollers.
    • Integrated R2 micropower bus supplies the internal processor,  sensors, and  Spektrum satellites from a minimum input voltage of 1.7 volts. 
    • Optional HC (High Current) version with dedicated power input.
    • Built-in vibration analysis (data recording via optional micro SD card).
    • Onboard Micro USB port for configuration and automatic firmware updates.
    • Simple and friendly Windows-based setup Terminal.
    • Android App.
    • Connection for standard Bluetooth modules. 
    • Connector for standard GPS receiver (compatibility list in preparation).RC input supports all popular sum signal inputs (PPM, S-Bus, UDI, Graupner SUMD, Multiplex SRXL, Jeti EX Bus)  or Spectrum satellites.
    • Servo outputs for swashplate (4X), Tail, and Throttle.
    • Input for RPM sensor.
    • Status display via 2 LEDs.
    • 3 Parameter Sets (Banks) selectable in flight
    • Live tuning of up to 8 individual parameters in flight allows for fast tuning.
    • Internal event Logging
    • Micro SD slot (Micro SD card is not included) for storage of flight, vibration, and GPS data (with optional external GPS module)
    • Auto trim for precise trimming of the swashplate and tail.


    • Dimensions approx.: 39.5mm x 32,8mm x 14.6mm
    • Weight approx .: 15g - 0.52 Ounce
    • Operating voltage: 1.7V - 9V (the minimum voltage of the servos used must be observed for trouble-free operation)
    • Sensor: MEMS
    • Processor: ARM 32 bit

    Lukas Dinger having fun with the XNOVA 4530-480KV & 3DIGI



    1 x 3Digi (Flybarless System)
    2 x Double-sided adhesive pads

    Instructions Manual (12/19/2015) 


    • New settings for the current firmware
    • Several improvements and optimizations
    • 3Digi Firmware greater than V2.0.0 required
    • Hint: Save the current setup as a file with the old Terminal before the update
    • AutoLevel/Rescue
    • Improved control feeling filter: smoother cyclic stops combined with better responding control
    • Initial response optimizer: helps you to find a good setting for the initial response
    • Speed flight optimizer: Makes the helicopter smoother in speed flight passages
    • Improved swash special mixer: allows mixing yaw to swash servos, for tandem, coax and so on
    • Several internal improvements and optimizations
    • Terminal V2.0.X required
    • Android App 2.0.X required
    • User guide V2.0.0
    • Jeti Integration files V2.0.0

    Additional documentation is downloadable at www.3digi.de



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