Boomerang Elan V2 Thunderbird


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Boomerang Elan – Twin Boom, Turbine Terror.

Sharing design DNA with the Boomerang Sprint V2, the Elan is the larger counterpart to the Sprint V2, spanning an impressive 84 inches tip to tip, and ready to light up the skies with 80 to 120 class turbine power. Powerful, fast, and well behaved in all regimes of flight, the Elan is the perfect choice for pilots in search of stability and speed, punctuated with aerobatic flair in this gorgeous twin boom design. 

Constructed with a composite fuselage, boom and center wing section, the Elan adds excellent levels of in-built strength, with the outer wings and tail pane constructed with a fully sheeted plywood design. Covered in genuine OraCover film, the Elan is both gorgeous and durable, offered in multiple high visibility liveries that are easy to track in the blue skies above. 

Adding excellent value to this potent mix of speed and fun, Boomerang RC includes a complete set of electronic retracts for true aerodynamic perfection. Further this with electronic braking capability, landings are even easier, allowing for shorter distances on touchdown with active electronic braking. 

Thanks to its generous wing area and centerline flaps, deft low-speed control is unparalleled, making low-speed approaches a seamless affair. Pair the full span ailerons for rapid levels of aerobatic maneuverability, the Elan is both agile & nimble, offering excellent control in all regimes of flight. 

Offering a generous access hatch for ease of accessibility, the Elan comes equipped with a composite 125 ounce fuel tank, equating to extended flight time for this amazing machine. Fully fueled, the Elan is a short field performer, with grass field takeoffs at the ready.

 Despite its size, the Elan breaks down easily, allowing ease of transport in small vehicles and compact storage at home. Quick to assemble, the Elan can be at the ready in short order, proving epic levels of high speed flight, coalesced with heavy G loadings thanks to its robust overall build.

 With a fighter jet like appearance, the Elan lives up to its looks with speed to spare. Whether opting for an 80 sized turbine or a monster 120, the Elan is destined to deliver, with the latter 120 sized turbine ready and waiting to scorch the skies above.



Wingspan: 2133mm (84 Inches)

Length: 2032mm (80 Inches)

Empty Weight: 8.1Kg – 9.5Kg (18 lbs. – 21 lbs.)

Turbine: 80 – 120 Sized Turbine

Fuel Tank: 3.6 Liters (125 Ounces)



- Incredible Levels of Low-Speed Control

- High Strength Composite Twin Boom Design

- Excellent Aerobatic Capability

- Durable High Strength Composite / Plywood Design

- Included Electric Retracts w/ Electric Brakes

- Cavernous Access Hatch w/ Large Hardware Bay

- Large 125 Ounce Composite Fuel Tank for Extended Flight Times

- Composite Control Horns w/ Ball Link Swivels & Clevis’

- High Strength Stainless Steel Pushrods


Included In the Box: 

(1) Boomerang Elan Jet Kit

(1) 125 Ounce Composite Fuel Tank

(1) Hardware Package

(1) Electric Retract Kit w/ Electric Brakes


Required for Flight: 

(1) 9+ Channel Transmitter

(1) 9+ Channel Receiver

(1) 80 – 120 Sized Turbine

(9) Standard Sized Servos