Boomerang Ranger Sport Jet - Yellow & Red


$ 2,299.00

Boomerang Ranger Sport Jet – Ultra Fast, Ultra Fun. 

 Enter the realm of fast, fun jet turbine flight with the all-new Boomerang Ranger Sport Jet. Designed to encompass an ultra-wide speed envelope, the Ranger Sport Jet provides slow, controlled landing approaches with blistering high-speed capability. 

Designed specifically with forgiving flight characteristics, the Ranger is perfect for a 1st time jet pilot, allowing ease of flight in gusty, sub-optimal winds. Utilizing inboard flaps for slow, stable approaches, the Ranger can be flown with incredible confidence, taking to the skies with aggressive power and incredible speed. 

Adding excellent value to this potent mix of speed and fun, Boomerang RC includes a complete set of electronic retracts for true aerodynamic perfection. Further with electronic braking capability, landings are even easier, allowing for shorter distances on touchdown with active electronic braking. 

Agile, aerobatic and a blast to fly, the Ranger Sport Jet utilizes high strength fiberglass construction of the fuselage, and ultra-durable OraCovered wood construction of the wings and tails. Offering ease of maintenance for the average modeler, wood construction helps future proof the Ranger when those less than perfect landings occur. 

With an 80 sized turbine, the Ranger offers performance to spare, with grass field takeoffs at the ready. Step up to a 100 sized turbine, and the speed and performance of this jet really begins to shine. Drop in a 120 sized turbine, and the Ranger is ready and waiting to scorch the skies above with insane levels of jet turbine performance. 

Utilizing an included composite fuel tank, thrust tube, and all hardware and linkages needed to get you in the air, the Ranger is packed with value and ready to move. And with an engine bay designed to accommodate both older style, large turbine cans & modern, smaller sized turbine cans, the Ranger is massively flexible when it comes to the power plant of choice. 

Offered in a variety of beautiful, high visibility liveries, the Ranger stands out in the skies above, and includes a set of standard wing tips for those in search of a more traditional jet look. Easy to assemble at the field with only (2) high strength wing screws, the twin carbon fiber wing tubes shrug off high G loadings, allowing the Ranger to be pushed hard & fast with every flight. 

Supplied with a 125 ounce fuel tank, the Ranger performs incredibly well when fully fueled, and can fly for durations of 7 to 10 minutes, depending upon the turbine of choice and overall throttle management. Weighing in at 25 lbs. wet, the Ranger excels in all forms of flight, with heart pounding performance you can both see and feel.



Wingspan: 1854mm (73 Inches)

Wing Area: 46.4 dm2 (719 sq. in.)

Total Length: 1800mm (71 Inches)

Weight: 9.5Kg – 11.3Kg (21 lbs. – 25 lbs.)

Fuel Capacity: 3.69 Liters (125 Ounces)

Turbine Size: 80 – 120 Class Turbine



- Ultra-Wide Flight Envelope

- Perfect for Beginner or Advanced Pilots

- High Strength Fiberglass Fuselage Construction

- Genuine OraCovered Wings &Tails

- Inboard Flaps for Controlled, Low Speed Approaches

- Included Electric Retracts w/ Electric Brakes

- Accommodates Older, Larger Turbines & Modern Compact Turbines

- Flexible Turbine Options from 80 – 120 Sized Turbines

- Extended 7 to 10 Minute Flight Times w/ 125 Ounce Fuel Tank

- Agile, Aerobatic & Fun to Fly

- Grass Field Takeoff Capability w/ 80 Sized Turbine

- Includes Thrust Tube, Hardware & Linkages

- Easy to assemble w/ (2) Wing Screws per Wing

- Composite Control Horns w/ Ball Link Swivels & Clevis’

- High Strength Stainless Steel Pushrods


What's Included In The Box: 

(1) Boomerang Ranger Sport Jet

(1) Set of Electric Retracts w/ Electric Brakes

(1) Hardware Set

(1) Linkage Set

(1) Thrust Tube

(1) Composite 125 Ounce Fuel Tank


Required for Flight: 

(1) 9+ Channel Transmitter

(1) 9+ Channel Receiver

(1) 80 – 120 Sized Turbine

(6) Standard Sized Servos

(2) Mini Sized Servos