Boomerang Turbinator 2 Blue and Yellow


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Estimate Available: Sept 2021


Boomerang Turbinator 2 – Budget Level Power & Performance.

 In lineage to its Turbinator Sport Jet big brother, the Turbinator 2 steps up to the flight line in a smaller scale, packing the same level of performance and fun in a low cost, budget friendly turbine build. Smaller size aside, this jet packs a punch, ready to house a 60 to 70 size turbine for massive levels of high-speed thrills. 

Spanning 70 inches with a generous overall wing area, the Turbinator 2 balances speed and performance with excellent low- speed capability, allowing controlled and confident approaches. Utilizing inboard flaps, the Turbinator 2 is predictable as the airspeeds drop, making this jet easy to fly throughout all speed regimes. 

Adding excellent value to this potent mix of speed and fun, Boomerang RC includes a complete set of electronic retracts for true aerodynamic perfection. Further this with electronic braking capability, landings are even easier, allowing for shorter distances on touchdown with active electronic braking. 

Designed around the SwiWin 60 turbine, the Turbinator 2 is an absolute blast to fly, boasting aerobatic prowess and spirited overall performance. Fully constructed with high strength plywood, the airframe is ultra-robust, with repairs being easier to accomplish in the event of a less than perfect touchdown. 

Weighing in at 14 pounds dry, the Turbinator 2 is ready to accept a 60 ounce Dubro tank, or the option of a 70 ounce Composite tank with 30 ounces of smoke oil capability. In either fuel tank form, the Turbinator 2 offers solid overall flight times with excellent levels of power & control. 

Offered in three striking high visibility liveries, the Turbinator 2 looks amazing on the flight line and stuns in the blue skies above. Incredibly fun to fly with predictable flight characteristics, the Turbinator 2 is a budget friendly build, allowing beginner or advanced to jump into the jet game without breaking the bank.



Wingspan: 1778mm (70 Inches)

Wing Area: 44 dm2 (682 sq. in.)

Total Length: 1750mm (69 inches)

Dry Weight: 6.3Kg (14 lbs.)

Fuel Capacity: 60 to 70 Ounces

Turbine Size: 60 to 70



- Ultra-Wide Flight Envelope

- Perfect for Beginner or Advanced Pilots

- Durable Plywood Construction

- Genuine OraCover Covering

- Inboard Flaps for Controlled, Low Speed Approaches

- Agile, Aerobatic & Fun to Fly

- Included Electric Retracts w/ Electric Brakes

- Composite Control Horns w/ Ball Link Swivels & Clevis’

- High Strength Stainless Steel Pushrods


What's Included: 

(1) Boomerang Turbinator 2 Jet Kit

(1) Set of Electric Retracts w/ Brakes

(1) Hardware & Linkage Set

(1) 70 Ounce Composite Fuel Tank


Required for Flight: 

(1) 9+ Channel Transmitter

(1) 9+ Channel Receiver

(1) 60 to 70 Sized Turbine

(8) Standard Sized Servos



Boomerang Turbinator 2 Maiden Flight: