JetCentral Bluetooth Adapter


$ 115.00

JetCentral Bluetooth Adapter

Small and lightweight Bluetooth adapter to put your Hand Data Terminal on your phone or tablet, download the App for free from Google Play, click Here.

Weight: 5g
Transmision range: 10 meters.
Standby consumption: 55 mA
Transmission consumption: 62mA
Size: 22.8mm x 40.8mm
Mobile App: Android and coming soon iOs

Regulatory Approval
• BT SIG/QDID: 75929 
• United States/FCC ID: A8TBM78ABCDEFGH 
• Canada: 
- IC ID: 12246A-BM78SPPS5M2 
• Europe/CE 
• Japan/MIC: 202-SMD070 
• Korea/KCC: MSIP-CRM-mcp-BM78SPPS5MC2 
• Taiwan/NCC No: CCAN15LP0510T4