Jeti High Voltage Regulator Inline HVR 1W 9.5-59V (3-16S) DNRS


$ 23.00

Made In Czech Republic
BEC Inline High Voltage
Manufacturer Jeti Model
Type Switching Regulator
Max Input Voltage 59V (16S)
Min Input Voltage 9.5V (3S)
Output Voltage 5.5V
Output Current 150mA Continues
Dimensions 20mm x 7mm x 5mm
Weight 2.5g
Max #Servos 1 Inline
Connector Universal JR/Hitec/Futaba
Applications On-Board Electric Devices

The new Jeti High Voltage Inline regulator is the only high voltage switching BEC designed to regulate the voltage from your 9.5-59V (3S-16S) power source and provide stabilized output voltage of 5.5V up to 150mA. Works with any on-board electric device (Lights, Pumps, Retracts) in need of stable regulated power supply.

A dedicated High Voltage Regulator is a great way to use single battery for all your On-Board devices.