Jeti Phasor Race 2014G Competition Motors DNRS


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Made In Czech Republic
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The Phasor Race design represents the best combination of high performance and durability. The whole line of Jeti Phasor motors targets mainly professionals and competition FAI F5B, F5F, F5J pilots looking for uncompromised precision and quality. The Jeti motors are made using 20mm, 4-pole rotors wrapped in Kevlar and designed to withstand up to 70,000 RPM. The stators have been built using our thinnest lamination for the highest possible efficiency in this category of motors.

The high efficiency planetary gearbox comes equipped with a special planetary gear which is designed for the highest durability and smooth performance.

Race 2014 Series 10400 1D 6800 1.5D 5100 2D
Kv (rpm/V) 10400 6800 5100
Max Continuous Power (W) 750W 750W 750W
Max Amp (5sec) 240A 180A 120A
Max Efficiency 93% 93% 93%
Io (No load A) 10A 7.8A 5.3A
Rm (Resistance) 0.0023Ohm 0.0054Ohm 0.0099Ohm
Shaft Diameter 6mm 6mm 6mm
Gearbox 6.75:1 6.75:1 6.75:1
Motor Diameter 38mm 38mm 38mm
Motor Length 67mm 67mm 67mm
Motor Weight 220g 220g 220g
Built in Fan N/A N/A N/A
Max Rpm 70,000 70,000 70,000
Poles 4 4 4
Case Smooth Smooth Smooth
ESC Timing 8-12 deg 8-12 deg 8-12 deg
ESC Switching Freq. 8-12kHz 8-12kHz 8-12kHz

Model type Model name Motor Controller Battery Prop
Sailplane 3-3.5m Pulsar 3.2/3.6E 5100/1D 6.7:1 Jeti Spin Pro 80 3300 3S Li-poly 16x8 Folding
Hotliner F5B Enigma F5B 5100/1D 6.7:1 Jeti Spin Pro 160 4400 3S Li-poly 15x10 Folding
Sailplane 3-3.5m Pulsar 3.2/3.6E 3600/1.5D 6.7:1 Jeti Spin Pro 100 3300 2S Li-poly 17x8 Folding
Hotliner F5B Speedfire F5B 3600/1.5D 6.7:1 Jeti Spin Pro 160 3300 3S Li-poly 13x8 Folding

Jeti Phasor Race 2014G Competition Motors