CRU Control retracts unit for JETI model


$ 299.99

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CRU Control retracts unit for JETI model



World's first truly configurable retract controller with telemetry!
Designed by Carsten Groen.

. Works on most available retract (Electron, Behotec, JP, Digitech, Prolynx, Jet-1A, Mibo Jets, etc).
. Power in/out is easy to hook between your turbine or RX battery system (dual MPX connectors).
. Sequencer with 4 servo output channels (the smart system will only work if wheels are in or out, dependent on status).
. Current is monitored (alarm can be set) for the 4 door servos, alarm if excessive current (locked doors).
. The manual Push button for gear up/down can be mounted on the fuselage (no need to turn on TX to control gear).
. Selectable Pulse braking (to avoid flat spots).
. Anti Skid (we wanted to call it ASS “Anti Skid System”) but this was revoked by our Department of Seriousness)
. Gyro-controlled brakes and front wheel servo.
. Independent braking by rudder movement, you get more braking power to one side when moving the rudder.
. Delays independent of each retract for up and down, for scale purposes.
. Settable speed, max current, rewind time, etc. for retracts.
. works with virtually ANY retract system.
. Status messages on the transmitter (wheels in/out locked), error (LUA application available, courtesy David Mcqueeney).
. Front-wheel braking is possible.
. Upgradeable via USB connector.
. EX Bus Jeti Model compatible (further TX systems pending).
. 3 retract output
. 3 brake outputs
. 4-gear door servo outputs
. 1 steering wheel servo output
. 1 manual switch input (for gear up/down without transmitter)
. 1 Jeti EX Bus connector
. 1 Male Multiplex connector
. 1 Female Multiplex connector

For Jeti, fully EX Bus compatible, only 1 cable is needed for your receiver.

Full Jeti is programmable through the Device Explorer menu.

Ideal for scale models, you can delay each gear in and out with time delays.
You can set every brake in Pulse mode and even control the braking force for left, right, and front.

You can set the rewinding time, min/max retract time, max current allowed (block detection), etc.

Works also with the LUA application, full status for gear and brakes on one single easy-to-use screen!