14mm DUAL Navigation + Strobe Light, 14Wx2,short


$ 57.00

Strongest generation of compact and extremely powerful position lights with integrated flash! The new, front-angled construction allows best radiation of the position light to the front and the flashlight to the side.

Best visibility and low exuberance as with the original ones.

The compact design can be integrated very well and convinces with incomparable light output! The scope of supply includes a highly transparent and extremely break-proof cap made of injection-molded polycarbonate.

The cap must be glued to the model with the light module.

Electric: 5Wx2 RED / GREEN and 10Wx2 WHITE reference power, 8V / 12V Current: 0.4A RED / GREEN, 0.8A WHITE Beam angle: 0 to 120 ° RED / GREEN, 60 ° to 180 ° WHITE Light intensity: ~ 110 lumens RED Light intensity: ~ 240 lumens GREEN Light intensity: ~ 1000 lumens WHITE Dimension:  Weight: With 1m silicone connection cable, ready assembled with high-quality polycarbonate cap