14mm PRO Navigation Light, 6Wx6


$ 38.00

New generation of compact and very powerful position lights! The new, forward angled construction allows best radiation in the right sectors.

Best visibility and low overshoot guaranteed.

This position light is oriented only forward and does not emit backwards.

The small design can be perfectly integrated edge arches.

The scope of supply includes a highly transparent and extremely break-proof cap made of injection-molded polycarbonate.

The cap must be glued to the model with the light module.

Electric: 6W reference power with x2 technology, 8V, 0.45A Beam angle: 0 to 120 ° Light intensity: ~ 140 lumens RED Light intensity: ~ 240 lumens GREEN Light intensity: ~ 400 lumens WHITE Dimension: 14.4x48x30mm Weight: 15g (without cable)with 1m silicone connection cable, ready assembled with high-quality polycarbonate cap Information about the reference power is a pure comparative value between the offered bulbs.

They usually refer to an operating voltage of 12V / 3S Lipo and depend on the light source, operating mode and technology.

Please note that high power LEDs can become very warm, up to 70 ° C is quite normal.

These heatsink mount luminaires are suitable for continuous operation when air convection is possible.

Check the operating temperatures after installation.

We can not guarantee overheating.

  Attention: The LED lights are extremely bright! Never look directly into an LED!