16mm DUAL Navigation + Strobe Light, 10Wx2


$ 39.00

A white 6Wx2 flashlight and a 4Wx2 position light combined in a housing with integrated cooling surfaces.

Both lights are individually controlled and thus ideally suited for the combined operation as position and flashlight.  The luminaire is delivered as a ready assembled unit on an aluminium cooling plate and a changeable polycarbonate cap as covering.

The luminaire is ready to use for 2S Lipo (ca.

8V) operation.

With 3S (12V), the enclosed resistor has to be used.

Alternatively use a 4W-3S and a 8W-3S adapter cable.

Electric: 4Wx2 RED / GREEN and 6Wx2 WHITE reference power, 8V / 12V Current: 0.3A RED / GREEN, 0.5A WHITE Beam angle: 0 to 120 ° RED / GREEN, 60 ° to 180 ° WHITE Light intensity: ~ 100 lumens RED Light intensity: ~ 140 lumens GREEN Light intensity: ~ 300 lumens WHITE Dimension: 16.x37x9mm Weight: 6g (without cable)With 1m silicone connection cable, ready assembled with high-quality polycarbonate cap and 2 cooler