17mm Gear-Spotlight, 6Wx2, SHORT


$ 29.00

Short ultra-power spotlight with up to 450 lumens, CNC manufactured aluminum reflector with 17mm diameter, ideal undercarriage headlight with a lot of power.

It is necessary that the spotlights are glued directly to a metallic support (e.g.

landing gear leg) with thermal adhesive in order to dissipate the heat.

The spotlights are already equipped with an integrated optics.

As standard, these have a beam angle of approx.

90 °, as an option there is also a well-bundled type with a 30 ° beam angle.

Direct operation with 2S LiPo (8V), with 3S (12V) the enclosed additional resistor must be soldered in or an 8W adapter cable (accessory) must be used.

Please ensure that there is sufficient cooling air during operation.

  R eady to use with 1m connection cable and additional resistor for 3S operation The reference power is a comparison value between our offered lights.

It normally refers to an operating voltage of 12V/3S Lipo and is dependent on bulbs, operating mode and technology.

Pay always attention to the operating temperature, we do not assume any warranty in case of overheating.

Note: The LED lights are extremely bright! Never look directly into a LED! TECHNICAL INFORMATION CONNECTION