18mm DUAL Navigation + Strobe Light, 16W


$ 41.00

The large DUAL18mm - perfect for surface models >2.5m span with very good flash output Powerful position and flashlight in one housing.

The professional light of the 18mm series is beautifully shaped on the outside and also has an inwardly displaced cooling surface.

The profile-shaped polycarbonate cap is only attached when delivered.

This can be painted separately, is highly transparent and unbreakable.

Electric: 4W RED / GREEN and 12W WHITE Reference Power, 8 (12) V Beam angle:> 160 ° Luminous intensity: ~ 50 lumens RED, 0.35A Light intensity: ~ 70 lumens GREEN, 0.35A Light intensity: ~ 480 lumens WHITE, 0.9A Dimensions mounting pin, 3x36x15mm Dimension light cap: 18x48x14mm Overall dimensions: 18x48x27mm Weight: 11g (without cable)Supplied with 1 m silicone cable and pre-assembled resistor for 2S operation and 3S resistor