18mm PRO Navigation Light, 4Wx2, SHORT


$ 23.00

Flat navigation light in x2-technology - double light power with same heat dissipation.

The profile light in 18mm series fits perfectly on bigger aircrafts with wingspan >2.5m.

The profiled polycarbonate cap is delivered simply attached.

It can be varnished separately, is highly transparent and unbreakable.

The lamp can simply be glued on the surface.

The cap must be glued after the final assembly.Electricity: 4Wx2 reference power, 8(12)V, 0.35A Beam angle: >160° Light intensity: ~100 Lumen ROT Light intensity: ~140 Lumen GRÜN Light intensity: ~200 Lumen WEISS Dimensions caps: 18x48x14mm Overall Dimensions: 18x70x15mm Weight: 9g (without cable)Ready to use with 1m silicone wire for 2S/8V, resistor for 3S enclosed