20mm DUAL Navigation + Strobe Light, 210Wx2, T-Fuse


$ 62.00

Outstanding light power: DUAL20x - high-end light in x2 technology for bigger planes   The most powerful position and flashlight in one housing that we have to offer.

The profile light of the 20mm series is very nicely shaped on the outside and also has an inwardly shifted cooling surface.

The profile-shaped polycarbonate cap is only clipped on in the delivery state.

This can be painted separately, is highly transparent and break-proof.

A thermal fuse is also included to protect the luminaire against overload.

Electric: 6Wx2 RED / GREEN and 15Wx2 WHITE Reference Power, 8 (12) V Beam angle:> 160 ° Luminous intensity: ~ 160 lumens RED, 0.5A Light intensity: ~ 330 lumens GREEN, 0.4A Light intensity: ~ 1500 lumens WHITE, 1.25A Dimension light cap: 20x50x10mm Overall dimensions:20x59x23mm Weight: 13g (without cable)  With 1m silicone cable and pre-assembled resistor for 2S operation and resistor for 3S included, but urgently recommended is a 2S LiPo supply.