5mm BAR Strobe Light, 12Wx2


$ 29.00

Extrem powerfull and small strobe light with outstanding light performance for all sport applicatons.

Perfectly suitable for small multicopter, sport-jets and aircrafts, trainer helicopters, gliders,...

The slim polycarbonate cap is delivered simply attached.

It can be varnished separately, is highly transparent and unbreakable.

The luminaire is ready to use for operation with 2S LiPo (ca.


With 3S (12V), the enclosed resistor has to be added.

Please note that high-performance LEDs can get very hot, up to 70°C is quite normal.

This lamp is delivered with optional heatsinks, but it can only be operated permanently with extreme good air cooling.Electricity: 12W reference powermit x2-Technik, 8V, 1.0A Beam angle: >160° Light intensity: ~300 Lumen RED Light intensity: ~400 Lumen GREEN Light intensity: ~700 Lumen WHITE Dimension: 38x5x4mm Weight: 3g (without accessories)Ready to use with 0.5m PTFE cable, two optional heatsinks/mounting plate, resistor for 3S enclosed