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Quick Overview

AR Li+ 3K high-powered Smart Battery with built-in auto capacity checker, and auto storage.

Product Description

Advanced Radio is proud to announce the all-new AR Smart Battery with technology found in the computer industry and additional features specifically for the RC modeler. All this in a portable battery that can be quickly moved from model to model.

Each AR Li+ Smart Battery comes with 10 multi-colored daylight-readable LEDs. As soon as your model is powered the LEDs will light up to show you the remaining capacity so you can check the health of your packs every flight. you can also check the AR Li+ Smart Battery with a simple push of a button. 

AR Li+ Smart Battery is available in two sizes and capacities to suit all model types.

Each pack has a built-in self-balancing giving perfect balanced cells for best performance.

AR Li+ Smart Battery also provides a storage mode, by holding the button down the pack will start to discharge automatically down to storage for end-of-season storage.

AR Li+ Smart Battery stores all pack data internally and can be read out with the AR Smart battery charger. You can of course charge the AR Li+ Smart Battery with any Lion or LiPo charger capable of fast charging.

AR Li+ Smart Battery features the new high-speed AR1 CAN bus connector for professional data reading by AR smart systems but can be specified with any industry connector (XT60, XT30, MPX, or EC3 as adapters) so connecting to your preferred power distribution system is a breeze. 

With the optional high-quality aluminum battery tray with easy release velcro strap, you can easily move the AR Li+ Smart Battery between models. 


  • Lion 2S chemistry 7.4v to 7.6v nominal voltage.
  • 110g 3K Li+  
  • 88 x 40 x 23 (mm) 3K Li+
  • 210g 6K Li+
  • 88 x 40 x 40 (mm) 6K Li+
  • Charge termination voltage 8.2 volts to 8.5 volts.
  • Built-in smart self-balancing.
  • Built-in user-activated Smart Storage mode.
  • Capacity 3K Li+ = 2S1P using high output 3200mA cells. (2600mA conservative usage monitoring)
  • Capacity 6K Li+ = 2S2P using high output 6400mA cells. (5200mA conservative usage monitoring)
  • Optional Battery Tray available.

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Charge Lead adapter