Bavarian Demon CORTEX PRO


$ 330.00

Bavarian Demon CORTEX PRO




Since its first release, CORTEX combines a demonic and happy-go-lucky flying enjoyment for the ambitious RC pilot. High-quality, reliable, versatile, and universally ready for operation – that’s what this extra class in 3-axis stabilization systems is known for a long time.

The CORTEX pro opens up the next generation gate with even more demonic features and fun factors. Based on the latest 32-bit CPU technology and in addition to all state-of-the-art features, the brand new CORTEX pro offers a bunch of great news for more comfort in flight and setup. The combination of easy programming and basic setup without software, automatic signal type detection, compatibility with invariably all common analog and digital serial protocols, as well as the dual and redundant serial input and output option, is absolutely unique.

Let the DEMON take control over your cockpit and test the new CORTEX pro now! More fun, more safety, more comfort – presumably only your breath will backpedal…


  • Multiprotocol input and output
  • Latest 32-bit technology
  • Up to 24 channels, 16 stabilized
  • Receiver redundancy for 2 inputs
  • iOS & Android App for fine-tuning
  • Easy teach-in via TX
  • No software needed


  • bavarianDEMON CORTEX PRO incl. adhesive pads
  • Mini USB cable 
  • Connection cable harness
  • Jumper for programming


The mobile app software (Android and iOS) will appear shortly. We will keep you up to date.

  • Software (Win / macOS) AXON & CORTEX PRO SOFTWARE

    This software is suitable for AXON & CORTEX PRO.
    It features an auto-detection of the connected device and can be set to English or German.

    DOWNLOAD: bavarianDEMON_ACP_1.02_setup.exe (17,4 MB)

    V1.02 update details:
    Mandatory for CORTEXpro firmware V1.1/1100. This enables additional configuration parameter and options with the CORTEXpro via software.
    Note: This software will automatically update any CORTEXpro to firmware V1.1 when connected. Any previous configuration will not be changed or deleted from the device.

  • Apps (iOS / Android) at the relevant stores.


For loading the latest firmware file, please start the update process in the software, and follow the instructions.
In case the download window does not open automatically (some issues occurred using Edge or iE), find the direct link here:

DOWNLOAD firmware: bavarianDEMON-CORTEXpro-Firmware-V1400.img (214 KB)



DOWNLOAD Jeti bin file: CORTEXpro-V1.bin (38 KB)


V1.4/1400 update details:
Bug fixes of a rare 
potential problem in data processing, respective the use of 2 serial receivers and a very bad receiver signal.



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