cable quick-connection 10 clips, 1x2fach, 1xT, 1xI


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Simple and compact solution to extend cables and make them separable.

The new quick connector system can be clamped directly onto our silicone cables without soldering and can therefore always connect or extend two poles.

The plugs are unipolar and can be used with themselves and also with 2-way and 3-way distributors.

With 10 plugs, 5 disconnectable connections can be created.

In the same system there are T-connectors with which a line can be tapped directly without disconnecting it.

And in addition also I-connector to easily extend a two-pole cable without soldering.

scope of delivery 10x quick connector clip, 2 poles 1x double distributor (Y connection) 1x T distributor clip 1x I-distributor clip Note The insulation displacement technology is only suitable for lights with a silicone cable (1m) with 0.25mm²-0.35mm².

The small series 5mm, 7mm and 9mm with thin Teflon cables cannot be contacted reliably TECHNICAL INFORMATION CONNECTION