COB Strip 3mm, 4W/m, 3m length


$ 33.00

Absolute novelty in the sector: an LED strip like a line! This new LED strip is based on the new COB technology, in which hundreds of individual LEDs are used up directly on the carrier.

As a result, no more dots can be seen on this stripe, it is a continuous line.

And this line is ONLY 3MM WIDE and only weighs 6 gramm per meter! As delicate as a marker, but with a lot of light output.

This strip opens up completely new possibilities for model lighting.

This can be applied directly to a nose or end bar, it is coated on both sides on the underside.

Cockpit lighting, service lights, scale extensions and details, so much is possible with the strip that can be split every 2.5cm.

2xred 2xgreen 2xblue with connecting cable, separable every 5 cm