Zap Z-Poxy Finishing Epoxy Resin PT-41


$ 7.85

Zap Z-Poxy Finishing Epoxy Resin PT-41

Pacer's Finishing Epoxy Resin system is specifically formulated to bond fiberglass to wood and foam. This is the best finishing method for foam or balsa/ply sheeted surfaces.

If you are after the "perfect" finish, fiber-glassing is the best method to seal the surface for painting.

The Finishing Epoxy is shock and solvents resistant, non-brittle, easy to sand, and has flow characteristics. The total working time of the resin is 60 minutes, fully cures in 3 hours.


Z-POXY FINISHING RESIN is a premium lightweight, two-part epoxy, laminating finishing type resin.

Whether fiber-glassing the center section of a wing or the entire airplane, Z-POXY is the easiest to use and best you can buy.

Great for sealing model boat hulls, inside and out.

Use to seal all engine and fuel tank areas.

It is absolutely the best for sheeting foam wing panels.

It will bond to itself, and it does not get brittle with age.

Z-POXY FINISHING RESIN is easy to mix, simply combine equal parts by volume.

Its thinner formula is perfect as-is, but it can be thinned if needed.

Z-POXY FINISHING RESIN can also be used to seal and prepare all types of wood projects for painting.

Helpful Hints:

Z-POXY FINISHING RESIN will penetrate into porous wood.

Several applications may be required to fill and level the surface.

Let each application cure.

Sand between coats.

To clean up any uncured or unmixed epoxy, use isopropyl alcohol or methanol.

Thinning of Z-POXY FINISHING RESIN is possible in smaller ratios.

Thinning too much will alter the curing properties.

It is best to test the thinned epoxy; let it cure and adjust as needed.

Mix Z-POXY FINISHING RESIN in a clean plastic cup or on a nonporous surface like flexible plastic.

Mix only enough epoxy as needed, Any excess epoxy cannot be saved after it has been mixed.

Pot-life and cure-time will vary when the epoxy is thinned.

Net Weight:
2+2 fl. oz. (59+59ml)