UAT Air Trap 100ML


$ 89.00

100ML UAT Air Trap 

Air Trap 100Ml High Flow Best Air Trap.


Air trap 100ML  

Bubble-free turbine operation.

Made of 7076 aluminum

Comes with all the hardware, and the mounting support can be bought optional or you can print it yourself. download the file here: 3D mount.


What it's included
  • 1X Compress fitting  M5 Thread to 4MM OD (filling inlet)
  • 1X Compress fitting  M5 Thread to 6MM OD (pump)
  • 1X Compress fitting  M5 Thread to 6MM OD (tank) 

We suggest using 6mm for the tank and 4mm for the Turbine pump. for turbines up to 100N. The 6MM connection, it's good up to a 140 KG turbine.


If you need additional fittings or exchange the fitting, you can find them here:


Festo compressed fitting

compressed fitting festo 6mm OD part (CK-M5-PK-4)

compressed fitting festo 4mm OD part (CK-M5-PK-3) 


Festo barbed fitting


 M5 to 6mm OD (N-M5-PK-4)














Weight without mount: 72 grams

Weight included the mount: 90 grams

Size : Length 84MM / Diameter 45MM