Flat Full Length Coarse Grit


$ 13.00

PermaGrip Flat Full Length Coarse Grit

 Perma-Grit tools

Flat hand file Coarse. Dims. 230 x 38mm thickness 1.6mm. Useful to get into narrow places where the sanding block is unable to fit. Use to clean up slots, cut-outs, in former's, and general sanding. Use to deburr aluminum and other jagged edges.

Coarse grit is equivalent to UK 180 / USA 60 grit sandpaper.

For a longer and wider precision flat sander, try the Perma-Grit sanding blocks.

Perma-Grit® Tools will cut:- All Woods, Glass Fibre, Carbon Fibre, Kevlar, Plexiglas, Lexan, Perspex, Acrylics, Plastics, Polystyrene, Brass, Copper, Aluminum, Ceramics, Stone, Horn, Antler, etc.