Header cable connection, 3 primary 6 secondary pins



uniLIGHT.at UNICONNECT The new uniCONNECT plug-in system uses massive blades and high-capacity sockets.

Thanks to the new design, it is now finally possible to realize high numbers of poles in one connector with a small overall size - currently up to 22 pins.

Over 3000 cycles are possible with loads up to 10A.

Optimally designed for use in modelling.

The blades offer the advantage that all cables can be reliably and easily soldered without a plastic support being able to melt.

There are also strain relief, detent, handle and anti-kink protection.

The contacts of the blades are always visible, whereby damage and contamination can be recognized immediately.

The biggest advantage of the system is that, even in the plug, a double redundancy for important control functions is provided.

For this reason, the system not only specifies conventional pin numbers, but also differentiates between primary pins (double, for main functions) and secondary pins (single, for light, landing gear, brake, ...).

  FLOATING CABLE and FLOATING HEADER    are two groups of connector systems that have been developed exclusively for independently contacting the wing and fuselage.

There are no loose cables or plugs hanging around that could be damaged or soiled.

The blade is contacted directly with the socket during assembly.

This is possible with uniCONNECT because the sockets are not rigid but "floating" connected to the carrier and therefore can move with slight movements and vibrations of the wings.

Of course, the system is only suitable for rigidly bolted connections.

The two groups CABLE and HEADER differ only in the connection.

CABLE was developed for reliable solder joints, HEADER is prepared with normal pins for Uni plug.

All plugs are screwed together from several high-quality fiberglass elements and can be disassembled and maintained at any time.

For this we offer each plug in two versions: RTR   as ready assembled and soldered unit.

DIY    as a kit for the modeler with all parts and screws for the own construction.

Thereby attractively prided and always delivered as a pair of 2 pieces.

 assembled with cable: 3 primary contacts (redundant; for main-functions like servo), 6 secondary contacts (for minor-functions like light, gear,..) 3000 cycles, 10A for primary contacts, 5A for secondary contacts strain and bend relief primary and secondary contacts double redundancy in socket free accessible contacts and solder points floating self contacting sockets DIY Kit with all pieces and screwes cover measurment 15x35mm weight without cable 10g kit: for plug in system with 3 redundant pins for one primary servo (main functions) for experienced constructors includes all pieces and screws for assembly 2 pieces 1 mounting stencil