Innoflyer Headlight Laura 20mm (Spot)


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Innoflyer Headlight  Laura 20mm (Spot)

Product description and features

Square spotlight with clear or fluted optics. For example used as a landing light, taxi or Recognition/WigWag lighting.

Variant Description

  • Clear glass optics: The clear glass optics produces a highly concentrated light emission (spot). Optimal for use for example as a landing light.
  • Fluted optics: The fluted optic produces an oval light emission. Suitable for example as Taxi Light or Recognition / WigWag lighting.


The headlamp can be connected directly to an SLC (Smart Light Channel) output of the Light Driver 5.0 light control (see accessories). There are no soldering and no series resistors necessary.

  Innoflyer Headlight Laura 20mm (Spot) (Dimensions and Connection Drawing).

     Dimensions   21 X 21 X15 mm
Color  White

Intelligent lighting control
  • Plug & Play type recognition: The headlamp is automatically detected by the Light Driver 5.0 light control. The light control regulates the luminosity and thus the heat development according to the thermal properties of the headlight housing.
  • MLT technology (Maximum Light Tracking): Optionally, the headlamp can be operated with the full light output. An integrated thermal sensor enables the Light Driver 5.0 light control to automatically regulate the light output with high heat generation.

      What's on the Box?

      1 pc. of the respective variant

       Instruction manual English