Innoflyer Lighting set Light Kit one


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Innoflyer Lighting set Light Kit one 

Product description and features

Basic set consisting of a Light Driver 3.0, position lights in red and green and a landing light. Everything you need to light up your model in a modern way.


Up to three innoflyer headlights and/or light modules can be connected directly to an SLC (Smart Light Channel) output of the light control system. No soldering work and no series resistors are required.

The operation of third-party light sources is possible. A constant current can be specified for each SLC output if required.


The set can be expanded with optionally available innoflyer and Optotronix articles up to 18 light modules.


The light driver can be connected to a PC or laptop via USB port. With the LightCockpit software, all SLC channels can be adjusted individually. Among other things, continuous light, various individual flash and flashing sequences, delays and the brightness of the connected consumers can be set.

What's in the box!

  • 1 light control module Light Driver 3.0
  • 1 light module Crystal 10mm white ready for connection
  • 1 light module Crystal 10mm red ready for connection
  • 1 spotlight Lisa 10mm ready for connection

LightCockpit How to: Edit Patterns & Library from innoflyer on Vimeo.


 Instruction manual English