Innoflyer module Zora 16mm (0.64in)


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Innoflyer module Zora 16mm (0.64in)

Product description and features

Round-shaped retro light module white or red-colored. Can be used e. g. as position light or ACL lighting in R/C models.

Variant description

  • Variant White: For application e. g. as position light/tail light or as anti-collision light/ACL (strobe)
  • Variant Red: For application e. g. as position light or as anti-collision light/ACL (beacon) on the tail unit or fuselage.


The light module can be connected directly to an SLC output (Smart Light Channel) of the light controller Light Driver 5.0/3.0 (see Accessories). No soldering and no pre-resistors necessary.

Intelligent light control

  • Plug & Play type recognition: The light module will be recognized by the light controller Light Driver 5.0/3.0 automatically. The light controller regulates luminosity thus heat generation according to the thermal properties of the light module's housing.
  • MLT technology (Maximum Light Tracking): Optionally the light module can be operated with the highest luminous power. An integrated heat sensor enables the light controller Light Driver 5.0/3.0 to regulate the luminosity in case of strong heat generation automatically.

        What's on the Box?

        1 pc. of the respective variant

         Instruction manual English