Jeti ESC Cooling Fan 50x50


$ 12.00

Jeti ESC cooling fan improves air circulation and heat transfer even under not ideal installation. The cooling fan has operating voltage of 5 to 6.5 volts. With simple operation the fan can be mounted in any kind of model with simply 4 screws or cable ties directly on the top of the ESC.

For electrical installation, simply cut-off yellow signal wire and use black negative and red positive power leads. We simple installed standard JR type connector and plugged fan directly to the free channel of the receiver.

Size: 50 x 50 x 15mm
Weight: 30g
Fan Voltage: 5-6.5V
Power Consumption: 100mAh Approx
Fits: Jeti Spin Pro 77/99/125/200/300, Advance 90 Pro