Jeti Model Receiver Flush Mount (R3, REX R3, REX R3, 900, R900/NG, Rsat)


$ 9.00

Jeti Model Receiver Flush Mount (R3, REX R3, REX R3 900, R900/NG, Rsat)


The Jeti RX Flush Mount is designed to cleanly secure the receiver to the equipment tray. Please note that this is a close tolerance fit and is best used with PowerBox, Emcotec, or similar servo wire. Hold the Flush Mount upside down and drop the receiver in. Then remove the backing from the foam tape on the mounting plate, align the plate, and press in place. Now use the provided screws to attach the mounting plate to the Flush Mount.  DO NOT OVERTIGHTEN THE SCREWS.  The mount can be secured to the equipment tray with adhesive or the provided screws. Use the included template to mark the cutout in your equipment tray. This is a close-tolerance fit. Use caution when cutting the opening. You can also use the template for reinforcement under the tray if the tray is not strong enough.

Installation examples