Jeti Telemetry Sensor GPS MGPS EX


$ 125.00

Dimensions: 50mm x 30mm x 12.5mm
Weight: 24g (with wires)
Recording Time: 4MB Up to 9 hours/8MB Up to 18 hours
Operation Temp: -20C to +85C
Supply Voltage: 3.5V to 8.4V
Minimum Current Draw: 40mA
Maximum Current Draw: 100mA

More information (links):
* Instruction Manual (pdf.)
Knowing exact information about the altitude and distance of your model in space can be extremely important. By using the GPS satellite positioning system, the MGPS EX sensor can show you the exact position of your model. The MGPS EX calculates speed, altitude, course azimuth, distance from the point of origin and the total distance covered. The 8MB version of the MGPS EX can record up to 18 hours of continuous data at one sample per second. You can also download your GPS data to a PC for a more detailed analysis or to map your flight.

Through the Duplex 2.4GHz system and either a JetiBox Profi or Jeti Transmitter you can monitor your data and alarm conditions in real time.

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