JetiBox Monitor/Programmer Jeti Telemetry & Spin/Mezon ESC


$ 39.00

JetiBox Monitor/Programmer Jeti Telemetry & Spin/Mezon ESC

Jeti Spin Programming Box allows you to custom program your SPIN & Mezon controller and Jeti Duplex Sensors. Provides a readout screen for the data that is stored in the controller after a flight.

When used by itself, the Spin Box is also a powerful testing tool. Measures receiver channel output pulse widths. Measures servo transfer speed, either unloaded or in actual use in the aircraft.

Servo pulse generator, center your servos without receiver and transmitter. Servo-cycler, check the function of your servos, from 10 to 990 cycles.

Setting up the Jeti SPIN Controllers using the SPIN Box

Simple controller setup:
Select the type of aircraft from the menu on the "SPIN BOX", and timing, brake, etc., will be set automatically.

Advanced controller setup:
Timing: 0 to 30 degrees in 1 degree steps for any brushless motor type
Acceleration: for how quickly the motor reaches full power
Braking: can be set Off or On with selection of hardness
Helicopter governor: can be set for minimum and maximum rotor head RPM and how quickly the controller reacts to changes in RPM under load
Battery type: type and number of cells can be picked as well as the per cell cutoff voltage. Choose either Hard or Soft slow down at cutoff voltage
Motor rotation: can be reversed from the controller

Data logging:
No need to bench test ever again! After a flight, just plug the SPIN Controller into the SPIN Box and read out the in-flight data:
Maximum and Minimum temperature of controller during operation and the time it occurred.
Maximum and Minimum current at full throttle, the time this occurred and the voltage of the flight batteries.
Cut-off voltage and the time that this occurred.
Motor run time measured from the first revolution.
Maximum Motor RPM is recorded and the time it occurred.
Errors where control parameters have been exceeded are recorded; this is a big help in determining the causes of motor cut-offs.
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