Large Needle File HAND 18 cm (7")


$ 15.00

PermaGrip Large Needle File HAND 18 cm (7")

Perma-Grit tools

Large Needle Files

Large Needle File Hand or Flat.  Gritted length 11.5cm.  Overall approx. length 180mm, shaft 5mm.   Kerf / cut slot width 9.5 x 2.5mm.

Use with or without a Handle, fits the LNFH Handle with a 5mm collet. 

Unlike conventional Needle Files, Perma-Grit cut in any direction and will cut Plastics, Woods, Fibreglass, Ceramics, Stone, Carbon fiber, PCB, Kevlar, Laminates, Polystyrene, etc.  Complex sanding in confined places. 

 Medium grit equivalent to UK 220 grit sandpaper.