LARGE & XLARGE Tail-Blade, till 3m


$ 35.00

With our new NightFly blades a simple, indirect lighting of the tail of nearly all models with up to 3 meters span is possible.

For large models, we recommend using two of these arms on the tailplane, either up and down, or right and left on the elevator.

uniLIGHT Night Blades Compact size with maximum performance Lowest impact on flight behavior New cable and plugless installation Optimized, adjustable cooling reflector Reduced self-glare 5 sizes for all standards especially for wings and symmetrical for the tail Asymmetrical design for maximum ruggedness Safety holder with position light available large systems as cable and autonomous battery version First, the enclosed, small contact plate is glued firmly into the edge of the wings, sides or elevator, preferably with good epoxy and optional pegs.

Make sure that the writing on the contact plates is readable so that the polarity is correct.

In the top view, right is always plus.

The connection cable is guided centrally within the surface to the fuselage.

All Night Blades can simply be operated in parallel on a 2S LiPo battery or on any uniLIGHT lighting control.

Pay attention to the permissible current load and sufficient battery capacity, a shutdown at deep discharge could be fatal at night! For commissioning, the Night-Blade is simply placed on the mounting plate with the two screws and tightened, the electrical contact succeeds automatically.

Make sure that the labels are always readable.

The reflector surfaces are bent once so that the largest possible part of the light emission is directed to the model.

ATTENTION: the reflector surfaces harden and can only be bent a few times.

Fix the glued surface before you align the surfaces by hand or a small pliers to prevent breakage of the splice.

After the flight, the Night Blades can be easily unscrewed and easily transported.

There is no trace left of the night flight system.

Construction: 1.5mm fiberglass carrier, symmetrical Electric: 8V, 0.8A Light intensity: ~ 700 lumens WHITE Overall dimension: 210x357m Weight: 20g (without cable) W ith mounting plate for wireless connection, 1m connection cable, pre-assembled for direct operation on 2S LiPo and on any uniLIGHT light control TECHNICAL INFORMATION CONNECTION