$ 67.99


Excellent DLG wing servo

  • Ideal for F3K and all small models that require excellent precision, massive holding torque, and adequate speed.
  • The best 8.5mm thick servo ever produced.
  • Beautiful CNC aluminium alloy case adds rigidity and crash resistance to the servo.
  • The gears are pre-loaded to remove all slop or backlash from the geartrain, allowing a level of precision unequalled by other manufacturers.

No. S0015007



 Torque:  1.85 kg-cm (4.8V)   /   2.20 kg-cm (6.0V) 

 Speed:  0.203 s (4.8V)   /   0.154 s (6.0V)

 Weight:   6.5 g

Dimension:22 x 8.5 x 15 mm   
Working  Voltage:3.8 ~ 6.0 V DC Volts
Working  frequency:1520μs / 333Hz

Dead Band:0.001 ms (Default)
Motor:Coreless Motor
Gear:7075 Chrome-Titanium alloy gear
Case:6061 Aluminum CNC Casing



1. Since the structure of DS65K is very high-precision.
This servo is not suggested to turn the output by hand directly.
2. Avoid to hit acutely the plane when landing it.
3. Avoid to pull the wire strongly.
Above behaviours maybe cause broken for interior parts.