PowerBox Mercury SR2


$ 350.00

PowerBox Mercury SR2 

All features that are otherwise only built into the larger power supplies can be found in the compact PowerBox Mercury SR2: iGyro, servo matching, free channel assignment, and even a door sequencer complete the system!



  • 16 outputs
  • powerful battery backer with high endurance
  • sunlight-readable OLED display
  • bilingual menu navigation
  • consistent dual design of the power electronics
  • redundant electronic switch
  • Servo matching for all 16 outputs
  • Automating function
  • Door sequencer with the setup assistant
  • latest iGyro technology integrated, with the iGyroSAT as a gyro sensor
  • 9 independent gyro outputs for: 3x aileron, 3x elevator, 3x rudder
  • two selectable output voltages: 6.0V or 7.8V
  • optionally with GPS III for speed-dependent gyro compensation
  • Telemetry data for PowerBox P²BUS, Futaba S.BUS2, Jeti Ex-BUS, Spektrum SRXL2, Multiplex M-Link, JR X-BUS and Graupner HoTT
  • Transmission of battery, receiver, and GPS data
  • almost complete usability of the transmitter for PowerBox and Jeti
  • Adjustable servo frame rate: 12ms, 14ms, 16ms, 18ms
  • Suppression of servo reverse currents





    Technical specifications

    operating voltage 4.0V - 9.0V
    power supply 2S LiPo, 2S LiIon, 2S LiFePo, 5S NiCd/NiMH
    power consumption operation 100mA
    Standby power consumption 30µA
    ampacity 2 x 20A (<30s)
    dropout voltage 0.3V
    output voltage 6.0V, 7.8V
    signal input serial
    Supported remote control systems PowerBox, Futaba, Jeti, Spektrum, M-Link and Hott
    receiver redundancy SRS
    channels 26
    Servo outputs, total 16
    Servo outputs, programmable 16
    Servo pulse resolution 0.25µs
    pulse repetition rate 12ms, 14ms, 16ms, 18ms
    Gyro sensor type external iGyro SAT
    number d. sensor axes 9
    screen OLED 128x64 pixels
    Door sequencer, integrated Yes
    Supported telemetry systems P²BUS, S.BUS2, EX-Tele, SRXL2, M-Link, Hott, X.BUS
    Dimensions 89x54x19mm
    weight 75g
    Weight sensor switch 15g
    Weight LC display 34g
    temperature range -30°C to +105°C

    What it's in the Box

    • PowerBox Mercury SR2
    • OLED display
    • Sensor Switch NG
    • 2 patch cords
    • 4 rubber grommets and brass sleeves
    • 8 mounting screws
    • Operating instructions in German and English

    Product Description

    The PowerBox Mercury SR2 is the first choice when a small, powerful power supply with maximum functionality is required. All features that are otherwise only built into the larger power supplies can be found in the compact PowerBox Mercury SR2: iGyro, servo matching, free channel assignment, and even a door sequencer complete the system!

    The PowerBox Mercury SR2 offers 16 freely assignable outputs, which can all be individually adjusted in 5 points using servo matching. For models with larger rudder surfaces, where 2 servos act on the same rudder, the unique auto-match function can precisely match the two servos in just a few seconds.

    The built-in iGyro software requires an iGyroSAT as a sensor unit - with this, 3 ailerons, 3 elevators, and 3 rudder functions can be controlled and adjusted individually. The setup assistant simplifies the setup of the gyro system and reduces the effort to just a few minutes. During the initial setup, the wizard collects information about the wings, tail shape, and any vector controls that may be present. A complex model matrix then calculates in the background which servo is connected to which output and links the corresponding gyro function. A whole range of expert settings also offers all the freedom to adapt the gyro system to the respective needs.

    In addition, the GPS III or the PBS-TAV (True-Airspeed-Vario) can be connected to the FastTrack input. This adjusts the gyro sensitivity to the airspeed. All GPS or TAV information is also available for telemetry in the transmitter!

    The output voltage of the PowerBox Mercury SR2 is regulated and can be set to 6.0V or 7.8V. The performance of the two voltage regulators is generously designed thanks to the milled aluminum heat sink on the top and bottom and can easily cope with power-hungry servos in 3D machines.

    The built-in door sequencer can control one landing gear and up to three doors. With the help of the setting assistant, the endpoints of the doors are taught in just a few minutes. Three predefined modes cover the vast majority of chassis processes. Afterward, you can adjust the times of the process control manually as you like.

    For PowerBox and Jeti pilots, the PowerBox Mercury SR2 can be operated and adjusted almost completely* from the transmitter! Telemetry for battery and receiver data is fully developed for all supported systems.



    *except sequencer and setup assistant