Rope Dyneema 30m, 1.5mm, 230daN



Ready-made high-tech tow for our towing winches with standard loop and brake weight on the rope.

Dyneema ropes are the strongest that is currently available in the world.

They come from the air sports and are extremely tear-resistant.

In the new condition, however, the ropes are still "stubborn" and can still be straightened before use (pull over a 90 ° edge).

This makes the rope softer and softens immediately.The rope is available with 25 or 30m length.

Color may vary slightly, but it is always a silver / gray hue.

  Diameter Tear strength in daN/kg     1.0mm 195daN 1.5mm 230daN 2.0mm 400daN TECHNICAL INFORMATION CONNECTION