SB-EXP2+2 2 EX Ports + 2 Servo channel FOR JETI


$ 35.00

SB-EXP2+2 2 EX Ports + 2 Servo channel

The SB-EXP2+2 has 2 normal PWM servo outputs and 2 EX Bus ports (for connecting telemetry sensors).


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The  SB-EXP2+2  device has  three 3 pin servo  type connectors.

The connector on the left of the board connects to the EX Bus  port of the Jeti receiver (the connector  is a double connector, either one can be used).

2 of the connectors on the right are normal PWM servo outputs and the other 2 connectors are EX Bus  ports (for connecting other telemetry devices).

The 2 servo outputs  can be programmed  using the “Jetibox emulator” screen  on your transmitter.

You can select  which of  the 24 possible  channels  the servos are assigned to and also the failsafe condition (Hold  or  programmed position).  

The   SB-EXP2+2 supports Jetibox emulation and it is possible to direct the jetibox emulation downstream to one of the 2 EX Bus  ports  enabling you to access  Jetibox  menu on each of the (up to) 2 connected devices.

When done with a device, press and hold both the “up” and the “down” button on the jetibox menu, and the jetibox menu will  return to  the SB-EXP2+2  menu.

Please observe that the 2 servos connected to the SB-EXP2+2 gets their power from the EX Bus connector from the receiver! You must therefore limit the current drawn or supply    power to the servos externally. 

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