Startup Overflow Vent System High Flow Series


$ 29.99

Startup Overflow Vent System High Flow Series


3/16" I.D. High-Quality Fittings!

Quite a bit of time and thought has gone into the development of the new Dreamworks Startup-Overflow vent system. Lacking from the market was a flush mount style fitting which still provided the ability to attach a taxi tank AND a vent seal for transport. This new high-flow fitting provides all three features in one unit. Sized for larger 3/16" ID or 8mm Festo tubing to eliminate pressure/vacuum issues normally experienced with the smaller 1/8" fittings. Our latest revision now includes a startup-overflow probe "dock"; the dock mounts on the overflow tank for probe storage when not in use. Keeping the probe clean and overflow tank sealed. This is the only vent system on the market specifically designed for turbine use.


  • Flush Mount Vent Fitting with washers and locking nut
  • Vent Seal Cap with Remove Before Flight Ribbon
  • Startup-Overflow Tank fitting
  • Startup-Overflow Tank Dock fitting