$ 59.00

Our BEC module (Battery Elimination Circuit) was specially developed for use with the uniLIGHT.at lighting systems and offers high performance with very small dimensions.

With the module, the necessary, constant voltage of 8V (corresponds to 2S LiPo) can be generated directly from a drive battery (up to 50V).

For this purpose, the supply is simply plugged into the module; the lighting system can then be operated directly at the output.

Due to the galvanic isolation of the uniLIGHT controls, there can be no interference in the reception area.

Very powerful lighting systems can be operated with up to 10A continuous current, 15A peak current.

  In addition, this BEC module offers further setting options through small switches on the side.

  A DAY / DEMO switch Switching between daytime operation 8V and the greatly reduced night and demo operation with 6.4V.

Please note that the demo mode reduces the brightness, but that infinite operation is not possible either.

Please always check the operating temperatures.

  Switch B HIGH / LOW Switches between full power (8.4V / 7.4V) and slightly reduced voltage (8.0V / 6.4V) in the respective operating range.

Note that in the DAY + HIGH position, the lights are supplied with maximum operating voltage.

They are optimally bright, but also get warm accordingly.

Operating voltage input: up to 50VDC Output electricity constant: up to 10A Hightest electricity: 15A Output voltages: 8.4V / 8.0V / 7.4V / 6.4V Weight (without cable): appx.

26g Dimensions: 34x54x10mm Scope of delivery: JST BEC Kabel M/F, mounting clips Manual