$ 29.00

One-Channel state of the art light controller: BLACK-Series The BLACK.1 controller is a nice solution for simplest applications.

It’s made for single functional jobs like navigation-, blink-, strobe/ACL or spotlights in easy models.

Usually without the need of a receiver channel - but this is optional possible.

The controller is directly connected to a 2S/3S Lipo.

In programming mode it’s possible to select a free light schema, which is used automatically in future.

If plugged to a receiver, the light schema can be selected by the transmitter.  Simplest solution for position flashlights on gliders and sport models, navigation lights on multicopters, spotlights for horizon signals on jets,...  The B.1 controller can also be used in combination with existing uniLIGHT controllers as power stage for spotlights, channel extension, special effects...

New in BLACK Series Dynamic  nicer, faster and sharper defined light effects Dimensions  reduced size and weight, optimized for 2-channel applications Safety  basic shortcut protection, cut off and automatic restore Battery  deep discharge protection for connected Lipos receiver side 4.8-9.6V weight ~1.5g, without wire dimension 45x14x6mm 5A to 16V (8A peak) operation without RC possible 11 effects with variable speed short circuit protection deep discharge protection delivery with mounting clips   Manual BLACK.1 Controller