uniLIGHT Black-Series 2S/1600mAh


$ 23.00

Optimized lithium polymer battery for medium and large-sized uniLIGHT systems LiPo battery with the perfect capacity, size and weight for fast operation of a uniLIGHT light system.

The battery pack has a matching connection cable and is mounted on a fiberglass plate, matching the enclosed mounting brackets of the BLACK series.

With the balancer connection and our charging cable a simple and fast battery care is possible.

Capacity: 1600mAh, for medium and large lighting systems with 3-5 lights 2S/8.4V 20C loadable 82g 68x33x18mm Dimensions and connection cables match the uniLIGHT controls Supplied on milled mounting plate with Black Series mounting clips TECHNICAL INFORMATION CONNECTION