uniLIGHT Controller, 8-Channel, PRO



The system for all tasks! The 8-Channel Module offers universal use for all lighting tasks in functional model-making.

Up to 8 electrical- and lighting circuits can be implemented and thereby, two different operating voltages can be used.

Via a Windows PC, you can program the module with our software per USB.

For each channel five freely programmable light sequences are programmable, which can be selected via servo travel from -100% to +100%.

Additionally, the speed of the light effect can be configured on the module depending on personal taste and on the scale of the model.

Control side receiver 4.8-9.6V Only ca.

18g (without cable) Dimension: 50x60x8mm Light signals 8 Channels with 3A to 30V, pulse load up to 5A Total load up to 2x5A Galvanically isolated circuits Operation possible without RC signal Smooth shifting programmable Freely programmable effects sequences 2 programmable servo outputs for landing lights, undercarriage or fireworks 2 permanent and 5 freely programmable light sequences for selection, all with variable speed Freely available Windows configuration software Assistance function for production of standard light signals Storing and exchanging of profiles Configuration programm uniLIGHT 8-Channel PRO If you have any problems, you can directly access the setup Please note that, windows might prevent the execution of the program.

Please allow to run the setup anyway to install.    Download executable only if having problems with setup or security settings Watch the short tutorial video on Youtube...

DRIVER: Manually download the driver if your windows system doesn't automatically find it Manual for 8-Cannel PRO Controller (EN) Anleitung zum Anschluss und Betrieb des uniLIGHT Systems